About Plainview Farm

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What makes this nursery and garden center so special?


Some have called it more of an arboretum than a garden center. The comparison is more accurate than not.


Plainview Farm is a garden center and nursery located off Route 9 in North Yarmouth, Maine. Here, perennials are the stars. In the greenhouses, plants are started and grown until ready for sale. Often, the young ones spend their first winter outside, protected by fabrics and snow. By late winter, the greenhouses are filled with juvenile plants, each one promising spring.


The highlight of any visit to this unique garden center includes the opportunity to explore the very special gardens planted there. Gardeners will love the huge woodland areas that feature wildflowers and shade-loving plants, the formal perennial beds, the expansive rock garden and the so-called Grass Arboretum, which features ornamental grasses and their companions. This garden retains its beauty all year long.


Display gardens, featuring hosta, astilbe and daylilies are also found. There are water features; one, a formal pool and the other, an Asian-inspired pond garden. Visitors will also recognize an extensive collection of native plants, as these are used throughout the gardens in various designs. Shade gardens, flourishing under a pine canopy, demonstrate how an uninviting, barren site can be easily transformed into an outstanding garden.


In the heart of the garden center, there is a trial area, where new or unfamiliar plants are being grown and evaluated by Plainview Farm staff. Perennials, annuals, shrubs and vines can be observed growing. All plants are labeled with botanic, common and cultivar names.


It is impossible, to calculate the actual number of different plants exhibited in the gardens of Plainview Farm. Clients often donate something remarkable they have grown. These gifts are added to the appropriate garden. New plants come in from growers all over the world . Hard-to-find seeds are germinated. A natural sport of a well-known plant is found in a garden. So - who can possibly know? Best guess? Nearly 1000 different species are planted here.


The stated goal at this unusual garden center is to demonstrate and teach how plants may be used successfully in the residential environment. Although the scale of the farm is larger than most homes, the individual gardens themselves may be readily adapted. By observation, gardeners are able to take home new ideas after each visit, during all seasons.


In addition to the over 2000 perennials grown in the nursery, fabulous new annuals and unusual conservatory plants are produced as well.


Let this be the season you visit Plainview Farm - bring a friend or two and make a day of it. Bring your lunch and have a picnic! The friendly, knowledgeable horticulturalists there will happily answer your questions and gladly suggest plants which will thrive for you.


The garden center is open daily April through September from 8-5.


Visit soon, tour the gardens, rest a while under a tree, enjoy yourself . . . . .and always expect to find that unusual plant - perfect for your garden.