Home-Grown Tomatoes & Heirloom Tomatoes

by Plainview produce

You can purchase our fine produce at the Farm or at the farmers markets we attend and at the Rosemont Market locations in Portland and Yarmouth.


Our taste-tested varieties are grown in soil, not water, and ripen on the vine — we don't pick until they are RED. Join us at the Farmers Markets and try free samples!


Varieties Include:

Big Beef is a very popular beefsteak tomato. The fruits average 10-12 oz. It is extra meaty with a real "homegrown" flavor and just the right balance of sugars and acids. 1994 AAS Winner!


Brandy Boy is an improved heirloom variety. The fruits average 14 oz. It has Brandywine’s soft heirloom texture, thin skin and exceptional tangy-sweet taste.


Celebrity is a very popular slicing tomato. The fruits average 8 oz. It has exceptional “tomato” taste. 1984 AAS Winner!


Early Girl is the earliest slicing tomato we grow. The fruits average 4-6 oz. The very flavorful red fruits have been popular with New Englanders for generations.


New Girl is another early slicing tomato. The fruits average 4-6 oz. It is an improved Early Girl with better taste or so it is claimed. You be the judge.


Heirloom Varieties: each season, we trial new "old" varieties.