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landscape design and installation landscape design and installation landscape design and installation landscape design and installation landscape design and installation

When you have identified the need – your landscape is old and tired or maybe non-existent – and have decided to use a professional landscape designer to help you make the necessary improvements – what then? For many people, the process of having a new landscape designed and installed brings far more stress than pleasure. This is an expensive investment for most and we want it done correctly and as economically as possible. When you call the designer, what should you expect?


Initial Meeting
The Plainview Farm design team works with you, from the beginning, to insure that your ideas are heard, discussed and included in the final design. They ask the questions that help you clarify your thinking. A professional designer employs skills that enable great client communications. Budget, as well as vision, is discussed at this meeting. An appointment for a site visit is also scheduled.


Site Visit
The designer conducts a site analysis, which includes taking building dimensions, other measurements, evaluation of existing plants, light and wind exposures, soils and drainage issues. They will also note any foreseeable problems pertaining to project installation: safe access for vehicles and equipment, Dig Safe issues, access to water, for example.


Design Process
The designer has listened attentively, has carefully observed the site and now, accurately translates that information into a concept plan reflecting your ideas, your taste and your budget, as well as the information gathered on site. A suggested list of plants is created. Stonescaping is the art and craft of designing beautiful and enduring walkways, patios and driveways from brick or stone. Many landscape projects will feature stone. If stonework is involved, a selection of colors or styles will be organized for your review.


The design concept is presented and discussed with you. This is the time to review design and construction details, making sure that all aspects of the project are correct and clearly understood. After you give approval, the design concept is refined to become the master plan. This is a scale drawing and includes the details of plant choices and hardscape installation.


The initial meeting and site visit are complimentary. Hourly billing begins when the concept plan is being prepared. If no major changes are needed, this converts easily to the master plan at no additional cost. Major changes will be billed. The minimum design fee is $225.00 (three hours).


Formal Proposal and Contract
A formal project proposal is prepared, outlining the details and costs of the work to be done. A contract is prepared and signed.


Project Installation
The project is scheduled after the deposit is received. We call to give you the date. Weather permitting, our crew arrives promptly and installs your project efficiently, professionally and correctly. If weather causes delays, we pick up where we left off and complete your project promptly. We will provide detailed instructions, telling you exactly how to properly care for your new landscape. Questions? We are a quick phone call or e-mail away.


Regular Maintenance
With proper maintenance, a garden or lawn will remain beautiful for many years to come. Our professional gardeners will work on your property to ensure that your plants perform as they were intended. We have extensive experience in renovation of lawns and gardens and can help you bring new life to a mature landscape. Our 20 years experience in professional lawn care guarantees that your lawn will be healthy and strong—without excessive chemical use.


When you invest in Plainview Farm plants, our design or installation services, you may expect that your investment will perform well—returning a dividend of long-lasting beauty and added value.


To make an appointment, please call (207) 829-5004 or (800) 396-1705 (outside the Greater Portland area).