Natural and Organic Lawn Care by Plainview Farm

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You probably have read about organic lawn care and may have wondered how relevant it is for your property. The assertive position taken by state government pushing for phosphorus-free fertilizer practices, the increased accessibility to organic products, greater public awareness of sustainability and ecological appropriateness ecological lawn care plus more competitive pricing for organic products have combined to raise awareness of what it means and takes to create a safer environment.


We have done comprehensive research on the topic of natural lawn care, have applied certain ecologically sound lawn care practices as part of our work and took the position not to apply excessive fertilizer and pesticides. There are no secrets to sound stewardship practices. Although sustainable is the catch phrase of the year, the technical methods used to establish “green” lawns and gardens have been known for years and are easily within reach.


How is this accomplished? First, you learn to give up the idea of the "perfect lawn." If you will tolerate a few weeds or occasional insect issues, an organic approach is most feasible. After that, you must learn about the necessary methods and practices. We can help with this and provide answers to your questions. This will help you establish successful ecologically sound lawn care practices for your property.


If you are interested in learning more about the "green" practices that can work for you, send an email or give us a call at (207) 829-5004.