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Hardiness Zones


maine hardiness zones

Our geographic area (southern Maine) has climate with a minimum temperature of not less than -20° F. This is called zone 5. The plants we grow and offer are well-suited for growing in zone 5, with some exceptions. Some are well-suited for much harsher conditions, while others are tender and can only be grown as reliable perennials under modified conditions.


Zone hardiness ratings are approximations, not exact science and therefore a gardener must include other considerations to evaluate winter hardiness. As Maine people can testify, no two winters ever seem to be the same. Barren ground, temperature fluctuations, snow followed by rain (or vice-versa), drying winds – all create challenging growing conditions. And to complicate matters further, microclimates which allow successful growing of plants usually tender in zone 5 exist in nearly all properties. A warm location against a southern facing wall can be a wonderful place to expand your plant selection. And lastly, properties near the coast are often regarded as zone 6 because of the moderating effect of the ocean.


Other practices may need to be employed to increase one’s success with zone 5 plants. Proper timing, correct soil conditions, proper watering and fertilizing, good garden hygiene, and appropriate mulching are all necessary to insure success. Finally, first year plantings require more attention as they experience their first winter in new ground.


Plainview Farm perennials are intended for planting in zone 5. Since we make every effort to research and trial plants in our own gardens, we are confident that the information we give to you is accurate. If we are unsure, due to your lack of experience with the particular plant, we will let you know. Our goal is to assure your gardening success.


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