Festuca tenuifolia Angel Hair

Plant Details

Foliage that is as fine as the name implies all season long!

Through the season, you will see the many different grasses displayed in the various gardens here at the Farm. It is fascinating to watch their development through the season. The big ones, as well as the fescues, are left to frost beautifully through the winter. They were the only good thing that the Ice Storm brought!

For more information on ornamental grasses, see 'Herbaceous Perennial Plants’ by Allen Armitage.


Quick Facts

Common Name :  Fescue
Bloom Period :  Mid July
Bloom Color :  N/A
Foliage Color :  Blue green
Foliage Type :  Evergreen
Light Needs :  Sun
Height :  10-12"
Spread :  15"
Soil :  Average, well-drained
Fertilize Time :  Early spring
Zones :  4
Difficulty :  Easy

Plant Care


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